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the Truck Stop is Back!

Returning Thursday 29th June We welcomes back our food truck gathering at La Cigale at the end of this month. Some of the city’s best known wheel-bound cooks park up and shift fresh and delicious street food. Vendors include: contemporary Chinese bunnery Judge Bao, made-to-order pasta makers Got Pasta, hand-made dumpling vendors The Rolling Pin, homemade ice cream makers Lalele Organic Gelato, the Little Yellow Food […]

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Weekend Brunch Menu


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Ready Meals – French Bistro Classics @ 29 October 2016

View our latest Price List and what’s available this week @ 29 October 2016  

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Wandering Passey (weekly email 8 October 2015)

In the last year or so, when in Paris I’ve explored parts I’d never really spent much time in before. Whenever I do this I make sure I have some purpose to going otherwise I end up by wandering aimlessly. That purpose might be to visit a museum, gallery or park, to look for new […]

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Amboise, Loire Valley part 1 (weekly email 22 april 2015)

This week Mike & I are spending a couple of days in Amboise, in the Loire Valley, before returning to business in Paris.  The last time we were in Amboise was 1980 on our first trip to France. We decided it was time to return particularly since it’s only hour by train from Paris to Tours […]

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The Loire Valley part 2 (weekly email 6 may 2015)

As promised last week, today I’m coming back to the Loire Valley today. As I said in my earlier email we had no set plans as it seems most tourists do when in the Loire. On our second day we picked Château de Chenonceau. It’s the fairy tale like chateau that you’re most likely to […]

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La Promenade Plantée (weekly email 20 may 2015)

La Promenade Plantée probably isn’t something you’d do on your first or second trip to Paris but something I’d recommend if you’ve been to Paris several times, are wanting to go a little off the beaten track and like gardens and walking. I think about it as the day I walked several kilometres too far […]

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Eating recommendations (weekly email 27 May 2015)

A few eating recommendations in Paris. On any trip we enjoy a mix of favourite bistros, new places and sometimes jetlag takes over and we go to the closest place to where we’re staying. Often it’s surprising how good the food is in very unassuming places like Café Le Florès near our hotel. It’s a very standard […]

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Montmartre & Sacre Coeur (weekly email 3 June 2015)

Emma and Jeremy joined Mike and I in Paris for the last few days of their trip to Europe. It was Jeremy’s first visit to Paris and of course he had a few things he really wanted to see. One morning we decided to take the morning off work and be tourists with them going […]

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