Fish and Seafood

squid risotto 1

Squid Rissotto

Every weekend I buy a few jars of different Sicilian things from Dario. I’m definitely hooked! All are excellent. Cuttlefish ink sauce was included in his latest shipment from Sicily so I bought some without knowing what I’d do with it. Later, remembering that I had some arborio rice and frozen squid tubes at home, […]

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Recipe - smoked fish & beetroot

Smoked Fish with Beetroot Pickle/Relish

With much of my time still spent recovering at home it means that suddenly I’ve been thrown into having to think about my lunch and what to have. I used to just rely on something from our café! Each weekend now I think about my lunches as well as dinners. So following is one of […]

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crumbs for chx fish

Flaxseed Coating for Fish or Chicken with Kohlrabi & Fennel Salad

Last week on a visit to my doctor he proceeded to tell me in no uncertain terms that we all (including himself) should be eating flaxseeds, also called linseeds, everyday. So we started and made a mixture of small seeds to use as a coating instead of breadcrumbs on chicken schnitzels and fresh fish fillets. […]

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mussel pcada 1

Mussels with Garlic and Almond Picada

We made Rick Stein’s picada dish last week because I was desperate for mussels. The recipe comes from his ‘Spain’ book and refers to clams but I chose mussels instead. Pipis or any other shell fish would work equally as well.   Ingredients 1-2kgs Fresh mussels (enough for 4 people – I usually count on […]

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Pan-fried John Dory with Leek Curry Sauce

The other day I was looking for a particular cook book amongst my many books and found ‘Sauces’ by Michel Roux amongst them. It was published about 20 years ago and I used it from time to time over the years particularly for classic sauces.   I got distracted from my original mission of looking […]

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Fish Curry, Spicy Prawns & Thai Salad

Last week I mentioned ‘Sambal of the Gods’ made by our new stallholder Suzie. It’s a spicy sambal made with fresh raw ingredients – coriander, chilli and more. I used it in this week’s recipes – these take no time to make, taste really good and you need very few ingredients thanks to Suzie!! I […]

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Vodka, Dill and Beetroot Cured Salmon

A side or large piece of cured salmon is a great standby to have in the fridge – simply slice off a few pieces to have on fresh bread, crackers or toast as a snack or use it as part of a light meal. There are lots of versions of cured salmon but I like […]

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P1130414 salmon

Two Ways with Salmon

We eat salmon at least once a week. We’re not keen on it pan fried as that seems to bring out the richness so I either bake it in the oven in a variety of ways, poach it or have it as tartare.   Salmon and Vegetable Bake This recipe came about one night because […]

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Creamy Tarragon Sauce for Fish or Chicken

This year for the first time I’ve had success growing French tarragon particularly in our tiny garden at our beach place. I don’t why but this year it has flourished. So, in the last little while I’ve used tarragon a lot. Last night I made this sauce and spooned it over pan fried hapuku but […]

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Roasted Salmon Fillet

Last week Jason had American blood oranges for sale. I don’t usually buy imported oranges but I love blood oranges so bought a few. Years ago we used to stay in a small hotel on the hill above Prato in Italy. Every morning as soon as we sat down for breakfast we were served a […]

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