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Barbecued Marinated Lamb with Farro & Mint Salad

Lamb is a favourite to cook on the barbecue and I know we’ll be doing that a lot over the summer. I either slowly cook it in a foil oven dish on a low heat for 4-5 hours until its falling apart or cook it reasonably quickly straight on the grill for about an hour […]

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Grilled Lamb with Moroccan Couscous and Yoghurt Sauce

I didn’t start off intending to do this recipe this week but switched to this after talking to Soufiane of Besaha at his stall at our market during the weekend. Soufiane is an unassuming sort of guy from Morocco who has been quietly and steadily working on new products for a while. You might remember […]

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Moroccan Spiced Roast Lamb

Last weekend I was talking to our stallholder Soufiane of Besaha about his products – various Moroccan spice blends, preserved lemons and delicious Moroccan biscuits. I then realised that I hadn’t cooked anything Moroccan style for ages and neither had we had any lamb for ages. I bought Soufiane’s Moroccan BBQ blend and a jar […]

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Peppered Braised Lamb Shanks

With the sudden arrival of winter the first thing that came to mind to cook on Monday for dinner was lamb shanks. It’s hard to go passed them for a delicious slow cooked meal. I started by thinking I’d do something flavoured with Indian spices but discovered I was missing a few and didn’t feel […]

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Slow Cooked Leg of Lamb with Spices, Eggplant Salad and a Pea & Mint Salad

It’s an old tradition in some parts of the world that lamb is cooked and served at Easter. In the northern hemisphere it’s Spring of course and lamb is eaten as a celebration of new life and the end of Winter. Although it’s Autumn here we always like to have lamb at Easter too.   […]

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Lamb ribs

Marinated Lamb Ribs

 As always on holiday we try and cook on the barbecue as much as possible. The rain and wind have made that challenging some days but umbrellas have helped!! For a very quick and easy lunch or dinner, or even as a snack with drinks, try lamb ribs. They’re a crowd pleaser and much easier […]

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Slow-cooked Lamb Shanks with Garlic

It’s hard to find anything more comforting in this cold weather than slow-cooked lamb shanks. I always love lots of garlic with lamb – there’s plenty in here. This dish is particularly easy as the browning of the shanks and vegetables happens by roasting them on a high heat before you turn the oven down […]

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Leg of Lamb slow-cooked in dry Sherry

I think of all the meats to slow cook, lamb is my favourite, particularly in the winter. I love its flavour, the way it always falls apart and the fact it combines really well with red or white wine or in this case dry sherry. I made this last week for Mike’s birthday and it […]

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Slow cooked Shoulder of Lamb with potatoes & apricots

I don’t like winter but I do like the fact it means warming slow cooked dishes. On my day off on Monday while thinking about the lamb shoulder we’d eaten at Bistro Paul Bert I realised that I hadn’t cooked lamb in ages. Thence this recipe. It doesn’t look great but tastes really good.     […]

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Lamb and Quince Tagine

  Quinces have quite a short season so I like to cook with them as much as possible while they’re around. They’re tart so need a counter balance – here I’ve added sweetness to the tagine with raisins but you can add any dried fruit. The quinces also work really well with the lamb to […]

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