Slow Roasted Lamb

While I’m recovering still I’ve found I have to simplify food/recipes as Mike’s my assistant and if I make things too complicated it gets too difficult. So following is a slow roasted piece of lamb we both found easy and thoroughly enjoyed eating. There was too much for the two of us so I had some […]

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Slow cooked Lamb Sliders with balsamic onions

I came up with this recipe last weekend and have since wondered if it was suitable since its Mothers Day this weekend. My girls said ‘of course’ and reminded me it is a fun take on a Sunday roast. You can choose whether you treat it as a slow cooked roast or turn it into […]

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Braised Lamb Shanks

Last weekend we ended up with several lamb shanks we brought from our stallholder Karapiro Meats. The Shanks were really meaty so one large one each was enough for us. We had been tempted to have lamb again after our enjoyment of the 7 hour lamb which I gave as a recipe a couple of […]

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Lamb Casserole

It’s definitely the weather for warm comforting food!! For the second weekend in a row I bought lamb from Karapiro Prime. The first time it was lamb shoulder chops and last weekend lamb neck chops. Both cuts are great for slow cooked dishes like this. I included plenty of vegetables so there’s no need for […]

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Slow-cooked Lamb Shanks with Gremolata

It’s definitely time for lamb shanks again!! They’re very easy to prepare, you just need to think ahead a bit to allow time for them to slowly cook. Don’t let the anchovies in the recipe put you off. They add a subtle flavour and you won’t be able to distinguish them from the rest of […]

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Moroccan Lamb Meatballs and Egg Tagine

It’s definitely time for warming winter dishes. I hadn’t made a tagine for ages and wanted to do something reasonable quick so settled on this popular Moroccan meatball and egg tagine. You can make it as spicy, or not, as you like by adding more or less cayenne and chilli. With the quantities that I’ve […]

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Roast Lamb for Easter

In many parts of the world it’s traditional to have lamb at Easter so, like many others everywhere, we’ll most likely follow that tradition. Hopefully the weather may be kind so we can enjoy the summery nights sitting outside with lamb cooking on the barbecue.  When I thought about how I’d cooked lamb recently I […]

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Barbecued Marinated Lamb with Farro & Mint Salad

Lamb is a favourite to cook on the barbecue and I know we’ll be doing that a lot over the summer. I either slowly cook it in a foil oven dish on a low heat for 4-5 hours until its falling apart or cook it reasonably quickly straight on the grill for about an hour […]

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Grilled Lamb with Moroccan Couscous and Yoghurt Sauce

I didn’t start off intending to do this recipe this week but switched to this after talking to Soufiane of Besaha at his stall at our market during the weekend. Soufiane is an unassuming sort of guy from Morocco who has been quietly and steadily working on new products for a while. You might remember […]

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Moroccan Spiced Roast Lamb

Last weekend I was talking to our stallholder Soufiane of Besaha about his products – various Moroccan spice blends, preserved lemons and delicious Moroccan biscuits. I then realised that I hadn’t cooked anything Moroccan style for ages and neither had we had any lamb for ages. I bought Soufiane’s Moroccan BBQ blend and a jar […]

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