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Leek & Goat’s Cheese Terrine

Last week when reading one of the newsletters I get I decided it was about time to try a few different meals with leeks. So this week’s recipe is already a favourite, making a change from having meat, fish or chicken as part of your lunch or for dinner as a first or main course. […]

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Slow cooked Lamb Sliders with balsamic onions

I came up with this recipe last weekend and have since wondered if it was suitable since its Mothers Day this weekend. My girls said ‘of course’ and reminded me it is a fun take on a Sunday roast. You can choose whether you treat it as a slow cooked roast or turn it into […]

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Aubergine Pasta (for 2)

This recipe is very simple but I can assure you it tastes so good, particularly when you want to make something easy and tasty. I brought the jar of pasta sauce from our stallholder Original Sicily who sells products from Sicily. He suggested a few things to do with it and is a great help […]

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tian before cooking

Pumpkin, Spinach & Rice Tian

A Tian is a French oven dish used for both cooking  and serving. It is also the name of the dish prepared in it.  I’ve mentioned Spinach here but its ok to use any other leafy green vegetable such as kale. I actually used cavolo nero leaves stripped from their stalks. Around 2 large bunches. […]

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Roast Chicken with Lemon, Saffron & Herbs

1 Whole chicken or chicken pieces 1-2 tsps. saffron threads 1-2 tsp black peppercorns 2 tsps. salt 2 Lemons, thinly sliced Fresh Herbs eg rosemary, thyme & bay   Preheat oven to 180c. In a small pot or pan place the saffron threads over a high heat until they become more golden and send off […]

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Braised Lamb Shanks

Last weekend we ended up with several lamb shanks we brought from our stallholder Karapiro Meats. The Shanks were really meaty so one large one each was enough for us. We had been tempted to have lamb again after our enjoyment of the 7 hour lamb which I gave as a recipe a couple of […]

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devilled chix

Devilled Chicken Thighs

I subscribe to NY Times which I receive and read regularly. They often include recipes which I always look at. Last Sunday featured a good series of chicken recipes. I choose Devilled Chicken Thighs because I was easy and I could easily modify it. Following is the result which was easy for Mike to make […]

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cheese biscuits

Cheese Biscuits

  Ingredients 1 large packet of bluebird salt & vinegar chips (150g) 1 1/2 cups of tasty cheese, grated 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese, grated 1 cup flour 1/4 tsp cayenne 110g butter, softened 2-3 tbspns chopped fresh chives, thyme leaves or rosemary   Crush the potato chips using a food processor. Place the crushed chips into a large […]

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Hot Cross Buns

A couple of days ago I said to Emma that we must get some Hot Cross Buns for the weekend. Her reply was that she would make some, using a recipe that she has used for the last couple of years. So if you’re feeling energetic and have some spare time over the weekend here’s […]

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mussel pcada 1

Mussels with Garlic and Almond Picada

We made Rick Stein’s picada dish last week because I was desperate for mussels. The recipe comes from his ‘Spain’ book and refers to clams but I chose mussels instead. Pipis or any other shell fish would work equally as well.   Ingredients 1-2kgs Fresh mussels (enough for 4 people – I usually count on […]

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