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Slow Cooked Moroccan Lamb

Last weekend, thinking of my week ahead, I decided I’d like to cook something slowly and included many ingredients from market stallholders so I didn’t have to ask people to go shopping for me as it’s still not easy for me to go to the shops. So I went with a small leg of lamb […]

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Chicken & Fennel

Last weekend when I visited the Karapiro Prime Meat stand I asked if they’d been able to source a good supply of chicken yet. We’d suggested it ages ago thinking of our own stomachs! They explained that they’d been working on a good supply of free range chicken and that they hoped to have some […]

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Slow Roasted Lamb

While I’m recovering still I’ve found I have to simplify food/recipes as Mike’s my assistant and if I make things too complicated it gets too difficult. So following is a slow roasted piece of lamb we both found easy and thoroughly enjoyed eating. There was too much for the two of us so I had some […]

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Recipe - smoked fish & beetroot

Smoked Fish with Beetroot Pickle/Relish

With much of my time still spent recovering at home it means that suddenly I’ve been thrown into having to think about my lunch and what to have. I used to just rely on something from our café! Each weekend now I think about my lunches as well as dinners. So following is one of […]

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Recipe Frittata


I decided that I’d make a frittata with some of the vegetables I’d brought from Arek on Saturday and including some of our goat’s cheese. It’s easiest to use the vac-packed one that’s soft and has no rind. It’s so easy to break up into small pieces using your hands.   Ingredients 2 leeks, thinly […]

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Roast Pork Belly with Apple Cider Sauce

I’ve been conscious that in the last little while my recipes have been lamb, chicken or seafood. So thinking it’s time for a change I decided on roasted pork belly this week. Following is the recipe which Emma and I teamed up with lentils in the French way. The small amount of pork left over was delicious the […]

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crumbs for chx fish

Flaxseed Coating for Fish or Chicken with Kohlrabi & Fennel Salad

Last week on a visit to my doctor he proceeded to tell me in no uncertain terms that we all (including himself) should be eating flaxseeds, also called linseeds, everyday. So we started and made a mixture of small seeds to use as a coating instead of breadcrumbs on chicken schnitzels and fresh fish fillets. […]

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Leek & Goat’s Cheese Terrine

Last week when reading one of the newsletters I get I decided it was about time to try a few different meals with leeks. So this week’s recipe is already a favourite, making a change from having meat, fish or chicken as part of your lunch or for dinner as a first or main course. […]

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Slow cooked Lamb Sliders with balsamic onions

I came up with this recipe last weekend and have since wondered if it was suitable since its Mothers Day this weekend. My girls said ‘of course’ and reminded me it is a fun take on a Sunday roast. You can choose whether you treat it as a slow cooked roast or turn it into […]

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Aubergine Pasta (for 2)

This recipe is very simple but I can assure you it tastes so good, particularly when you want to make something easy and tasty. I brought the jar of pasta sauce from our stallholder Original Sicily who sells products from Sicily. He suggested a few things to do with it and is a great help […]

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