With Artichokes

Chicken, Prune and Jerusalem Artichoke Tagine

Posted on: 14th May, 2014by frenchie

I’m using Jerusalem artichokes again this week because Mike and I really like them, the season has just started and Jason has had them for the last two weekends. This week I decided to try them in a tagine. Ingredients (for 6) 6 chicken Maryland pieces 2 medium size leeks, finely sliced About 500g Jerusalem […]


Mussels with Jerusalem Artichokes and Chorizo

Posted on: 7th May, 2014by frenchie

This recipe comes from Greg Marchand’s book ‘Frenchie New Bistro Cooking’. Greg opened his bistro Frenchie in Paris in April 2009 and was quickly recognised as one of the new breed of French chefs making fresh market driven food at reasonable prices. I bought his book in Paris last week at his newest venture – […]


Warm Goat's Cheese Salad

Warm Goats Cheese Salad with Artichoke, Asparagus, Broad bean & Peas

Posted on: 6th Mar, 2014by frenchie

Isn’t it so good at this time of year when we finally get to pick or buy lots of spring vegetables? This week’s recipe brings several of Mike and my favourites together – artichokes from Terry, asparagus from Jillian, fresh peas from Market Fresh and broad beans from our own garden. As usual with this […]


Artichokes with Vinaigrette

Posted on: 5th Mar, 2014by frenchie

I know many people shy away from artichokes because they look as though they’re too difficult to deal with. I admit they seem fiddly if you trim off all the leaves and remove the choke to get at the heart before you cook them. However I like serving them whole as an entrée or light […]


Preserved Lemons & Artichoke Heart Salad

Posted on: 13th Feb, 2014by frenchie

In boiling salted water, cook the artichokes for 20-30 minutes or until one of the central leaves will come away with a little give and the base feels soft when you test with a knife. Drain and cool. Pull away the tough outside leaves, trim the stalks of string and fibre, and cut away the […]


Jerusalem Soup

Jerusalem Artichoke and Roasted Garlic Soup

Posted on: 12th Feb, 2014by frenchie

Until last week I’d only eaten Jerusalem artichokes raw and thinly sliced in a baby spinach leaf salad with plenty of crushed garlic in sherry vinegar vinaigrette. On Sunday I had been talking to Jillian of Fruition about something else when she showed me the Jerusalem artichokes she’d successfully grown for the first time. I […]