With Mustard Powder

Bread & Butter Pickle

Posted on: 8th Mar, 2014by frenchie

This is a very old fashioned pickle that was one I used to make with a few additional spices.  I think the recipe must have originally come from my mother. Cucumbers and onions are the base. I’m growing several varieties of cucumbers so my pickle ended up a mix of apple and Lebanese. It doesn’t […]


Scallopini (or courgette) Chutney

Posted on: 5th Mar, 2014by frenchie

I like to have a good selection of chutneys in our pantry as I consider they’re essential to any good sandwich. We always have some from Terry Lister who sells at our market every weekend. His wife’s Maharajah Chutney is a favourite. Recently however, with an abundance of vegetables in our garden, I decided to […]