Duck Confit With Panfried Fresh Apples and Roasted Potatoes

This is a very easy dish and tastes so good that it’ll be, once again a very regular meal for Mike and I. Ingredients & Method At some stage I’d taken home one of our tins of French duck confit (available in the La Cigale Shop). I opened the tin and very carefully spooned out the duck […]

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Roasted Duck Legs in Red Wine and Cassis Sauce with Braised Red Cabbage

Every now and again I feel like doing something different with duck rather than taking home a tin of duck confit or one of our frozen meals of duck à l’orange. For this recipe I cooked the duck legs in a red wine and cassis sauce and served them on braised red cabbage which worked […]

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Duck à la Vanille

Three or four weeks ago I bought a new cook book – PROVENCE to PONDICHERRY  Recipes from France and Faraway – by Tessa Kiros. Tessa starts and ends with her versions of some classic French dishes and in between visits several places around the world colonised by the French. She looks at their influence on the […]

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Duck with Pickled Oranges

I was trying to come up with something for dinner to go with my pickled oranges and thought I couldn’t go passed the classic combination of duck and oranges – using the idea of duck à l’orange and changing it to suit the flavours of the pickled oranges. It’s easy and delicious.   Ingredients (for […]

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Duck Breast, Shitake Mushrooms & Bok Choy

When cooking with duck breasts I normally choose to French flavours and accompaniments but after buying so many green Asian vegetables last weekend I went with Asian flavours. If you remember to get organised, it’s good to marinate the duck breasts overnight.   Ingredients (for 4) 2 packets of duck breasts (each pack contains 2 […]

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Duck & Fig Salad

  Ingredients (for 4)   4 pieces of duck confit 8 figs, cut into quarters 4 potatoes, peeled and small cubes Small bunch of green beans, top and tailed, blanched, refreshed and dried Packet of rocket Dressing – whisk together: 100ml olive oil 1 tbsp sherry vinegar 1 tbsp date molasses (or pomegranate molasses) Salt and […]

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Peking Duck

  You can probably tell that much of the food I’m cooking these days is inspired by dishes from all over the world. I love making and eating French classics, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern inspired recipes and am equally happy making simple dishes from anywhere in Asia. My pantry has an ever expanding collection of […]

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Wild Rice Salad with Duck Breast à l’Orange

A while ago I bought some wild rice and hadn’t got round to using it. I decided it was about time to do something. The last two Sundays I’d bought lots of kyomi oranges from stallholder Jillian of Fruition. It seemed a good idea to buy some duck breasts to go with these ingredients. So, […]

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Risotto with Duck Gizzards, Asparagus & Porcini Mushrooms

Spring has officially began, but we still need to warm up and what is better that a creamy risotto with porcini mushrooms and seasonal asparagus?  If you are vegetarian, just leave out the gizzards. The shopping list from La Cigale French Market stallholders is below. You can add more mushrooms and/or another variety (porcini are […]

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Duck with Red Wine & Prunes

For something really easy and great when you want to cook a special meal, try this. As you can see I served the duck with pumpkin and kumara mash and green beans. I had planned to have asparagus instead of the beans but didn’t get to Fresh Gardens stall quickly enough on Saturday morning!! You […]

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