Confit Duck Salad with Cabbage, Carrots, Chestnuts & Walnuts

   We really enjoy confit duck – normally simply heated through, skin crisped and served with duck fat cooked potatoes, sautéed apples and a green salad. For a change I’ve been using confit in different ways. This salad is quite colourful as it includes a combination of red cabbage and green cabbage; julienned purple and […]

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There are many versions of cassoulet in Southwest France in the same way that there are lots of versions of bouillabaisse in the South of France. Every village thinks its way is the correct way. This is my own version which I think is closer to a Toulouse cassoulet than others. I bought the duck […]

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Lentil Salad with Duck Gizzards and Green Salad

I go through spells of forgetting to cook lentils and forgetting how much we enjoy a lentil salad which is great on its own or teamed up with a variety of other foods – for example with eggs, baked and smoked salmon, grilled sausages and more. One lunch time in Paris I stopped at ‘Merci’ […]

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Duck in Red Wine

Last week for our family dinner on my mother’s birthday I decided to cook duck. That’s pretty usual for a family celebration but this time I tried a new recipe from a book, published in 1982, on the cooking of south west France that I bought a few weeks ago. The recipe is very easy […]

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Duck Breasts with Fig and Port

Duck breasts are easy to prepare and cook if you’re looking to something to impress. I really like having a sauce made with seasonal fruit to go with the duck. In summer it’s red berries and Cassis and it autumn fresh figs and Port.
This is a recipe I found in Williams and Sonoma ‘Paris’which was […]

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Duck Breast, Orange and Pomegranate Salad

Hasn’t it been great to feel like summer has arrived. With the change in weather we start to change from lots of slow cooked all-in-one-pot meals cooked in the oven to all-on-one-plate salads. This Duck Breast, Orange and Pomegranate Salad is one of those. It is great a summer lunch with friends or for dinner. […]

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Duck a L'Orange

Duck à l’Orange

This French classic is our most popular bistro dish. The acid in the orange sauce acts as a balance to the fat in the duck. I’ve done a little research and found that a recipe for wild ducklings with bigarade (bitter orange) sauce first appeared in a French cooking book in 1828. The recipe stated […]

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