Mushroom, Goats Cheese and Pea Bruschetta

  Ingredients:   I’ll leave the quantities to you Use a mixture of both fresh and dried mushrooms. Put a good handful of dried mushrooms in a bowl with warm water to re-hydrate them. Slice the fresh mushrooms and gently cook them in a pan with a little olive oil, 2-3 cloves of crushed garlic and […]

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Turkey and Chicken Liver Terrine

I used to make terrines regularly but somehow making one went off my radar until just before Christmas. Now I’m back on them. A terrine is so easy, particularly the following recipe. I made this with pork mince, turkey mince, speck and chicken livers but you could use any mix minced and cubed cured meats […]

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Panko-crumbed Oysters with Ginger Sauce

For us any seafood is an essential part of Christmas. These oysters are a favourite. I bought Mahurangi oysters in the half shell as the basis. This sauce is just one suggestion to go with them – a simple dipping sauce of red wine vinegar and finely chopped shallots would be just as good or […]

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Oeufs Meurette – eggs in red wine sauce

Thinking about our Burgundy region dinner next week reminded me of this dish which we first ate in Beaune in Burgundy many years ago – ‘oeufs meurette’ – eggs in red wine sauce. I used to make it regularly but somehow had forgotten about it. The sauce is also a delicious accompaniment to poached prawns. […]

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Mushroom and Escargot

Mushrooms with Escargot

Last Wednesday night I had this as an entree in Cafe des Musees in the Marais in Paris. It’s a traditional bistro recently declared to be one of the top five bistros in Paris. Like the others, it serves fantastic updated French classics. One of those is this recipe combining mushrooms with the old favourite […]

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Homemade Terrine

Home-made terrine

I think many of us think that a terrine is a difficult thing to make. It definitely isn’t. If you can make a meat loaf then you can do this. The result is impressive and delicious. Try making one for Easter. Teamed with a loaf of fresh bread, a platter of Salash’s smoked meats, chutney, […]

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