Jams & Chutneys

Persimmon & Orange Jam

Not so long ago, at the start of the persimmon season, Charley and I were talking about how we both love eating them because of their crunch, crispness and flavour (of course!). As well as munching on peeled raw pieces, Charley told me that her father also made persimmon jam, I’d never thought about it, but […]

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Feijoa Chutney

As the Feijoa season will be over soon, I decided we had to make a chutney. I wish we’d made it earlier to have with the cold lamb left over from last week’s recipe! Again quantities don’t need to be precise. Ingredients About 1.5 Kg feijoas, peeled and chopped. 500-600g apples cored and chopped (not peeled). […]

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Guava, Feijoa, Apple Jelly

A few times over the years I’ve made jams, jellys, sauces and chutneys. This year for some unknown reason, in the last few weeks, Mike and I decided to make jellys and chutneys using seasonal fruits, some from picked from our own trees and others from Arek at Garden for the people.I’ve checked with him and […]

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Tamarillo Chutney

A good tamarillo chutney is hard to beat. By the end of March I’m desperate for the season to start, as we’ve always run out of the jars from the previous year. This is my mother’s very old recipe, and it always works.If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself eating it straight from the jar. This may […]

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I started on a mission to make a few jars of pickles to have in the cupboard at home as we’d run out and they’re always great have. I went completely overboard and in the last two weeks have pickled lots of different vegetables and fruit. The last lot was yesterday! Mike then suggested I […]

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Feijoa Chutney

At lunch on Monday I realised that we were out of chutney at home so decided to make some feijoa chutney. It was so easy with the large feijoas from Barry. Eight big ones gave me 4 cups of chopped fruit and we still had lots left over to eat raw. Ingredients (enough for 4 […]

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Spicy Damson Plum Sauce

Last week a friend gave us the first figs of the season and damson plums that she’d picked from her trees up North. We quickly devoured the figs but you can’t do that with damson plums – they’re quite sour and are best cooked. I regularly buy excellent damson plum jam from Terry Lister so […]

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Spicy Plum & Tomato Sauce

Two Saturdays ago at our market, Murray of Heirloom Organix gave me a large bag of plums from their orchard and Dragon gave me some cooking tomatoes. I’d already done my fruit and vege shopping so we ended up with too much for us to get through. Our daughter Emma suggested I make sauce. We […]

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Pear Chutney

With an abundance of delicious sweet, juicy pears available from our new stallholder Richard of The Sugar Pear Co, I thought I needed to add new pear recipe to my repertoire. Apart from eating a pear whole as a snack, I often make the classic French pear, rocket, walnut and blue cheese salad with a […]

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Fig & Orange Jam

Since the start of the fig season 3 or 4 weeks ago, stallholder Maureen has been at me to find this recipe which I used to make about 6 years ago. I’d totally forgotten about it. From memory I’d translated it from an old French cooking book. It’s a bit fiddly in that the process […]

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