Leg of Lamb slow-cooked in dry Sherry

I think of all the meats to slow cook, lamb is my favourite, particularly in the winter. I love its flavour, the way it always falls apart and the fact it combines really well with red or white wine or in this case dry sherry. I made this last week for Mike’s birthday and it […]

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Slow cooked Shoulder of Lamb with potatoes & apricots

I don’t like winter but I do like the fact it means warming slow cooked dishes. On my day off on Monday while thinking about the lamb shoulder we’d eaten at Bistro Paul Bert I realised that I hadn’t cooked lamb in ages. Thence this recipe. It doesn’t look great but tastes really good.     […]

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Lamb and Quince Tagine

  Quinces have quite a short season so I like to cook with them as much as possible while they’re around. They’re tart so need a counter balance – here I’ve added sweetness to the tagine with raisins but you can add any dried fruit. The quinces also work really well with the lamb to […]

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Rack of Lamb with Pistachio & Pinenut Crust

  For Father’s Day last Sunday my parents came for dinner. Because we don’t arrive home from the Market till late afternoon and are tired (it’s the end of the week for us), I wanted to cook something quick and easy but full of flavour. I’d bought two racks of lamb from Pleased to Meat […]

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Lamb Tagine with Apricots & Black Garlic

  After last week’s inspiration from my photos of my favourite Moroccan traiteur in Paris I decided it was time to make a tagine or two again. It’s really easy and has a full-bodied flavour which comes from the ras-el-hanout, dried fruit and the black garlic.  Ras-el-hanout is a mix of 11 different aromatic spices. […]

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Rack of Lamb with Pomegranate Sauce

We’re hooked on the meat from our stallholder ‘Pleased to Meat You’ – you can find Anna, Kayne and Matt in the space beside our Kitchen Shop. All the meat is export quality. Their racks of lamb are very tender and full of flavour. This is another recipe inspired by a recipe in ‘Persiana’. You […]

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7 Hour Lamb

Seven Hour Lamb

For a long time, until it was replaced by duck breast in berry sauce. Emma always asked for Seven Hour Lamb for her birthday dinner (in winter). I think it’s the ultimate in comfort food. On top of that it’s very easy. In Paris a few years ago I had a pleasurable but slightly weird […]

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Provencal Roast Lamb

Provencal Roast Leg of Lamb

In theory it’s nearly Spring and time for new season’s lamb. There aren’t many things nicer than a roast leg of lamb. This week we’ve got 2 easy sauces to go with your lamb or kid. Both include plenty of garlic. Provencal Roast Leg of Lamb

Ingredients and Method: Lightly rub olive oil over the lamb […]

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Pappardelle with Lamb Ragu

Last weekend in our Kitchen Shop Frances and I made fresh pasta. I find it a very relaxing thing to do and the result is always so good. Probably the hardest thing is to remember to take the pasta machine out of the cupboard and use it. I had some left over slow cooked lamb […]

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Lamb shanks

Lamb Shanks with White Bean & Chorizo

This recipe came about one Sunday afternoon last year on a cold winter’s day having arrived home from a day at our market. We felt like something filling and warming for dinner. I just made it up from produce I’d bought from our stallholders during the weekend – lamb shanks from Jamie, chorizo from Salash, […]

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