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Tomato and Olive topping for fish and/or Chicken

Method Mix together equal quantities of Cesare’s hand-made tomato sauce and Tahsin’s olive salad (eg 1 tbsp of each). Cook your fish or chicken and when that’s ready heat your mixture a little then serve it on top of the fish or chicken. *The picture shows it on top of pan fried crumbed fish

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pasta salmon

Smoked Salmon Pasta – Quick and Easy

Ingredients Salmon From Billy Salmon pasta from Dario (we’ve also made this with the saffron one) Fresh dill from Arek Ricotta from Massimo Method 1. Cook the pasta. Drain it well and throw it back into the pot to keep warm. 2. While the pasta is cooking (it takes about 8-10 minutes), put a tub of ricotta […]

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Stir-Fry Chicken, Vegetables & Cashews — enough for 3-4 —

A few days ago I was wondering what to do for the recipe this week. So, after a suggestion from Mike, I looked through some old recipes I cooked years ago. That triggered my thoughts back to old Chinese inspired things I made about 25-30 years ago. So, this week, as Emma is here, I […]

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Persimmon & Orange Jam

Not so long ago, at the start of the persimmon season, Charley and I were talking about how we both love eating them because of their crunch, crispness and flavour (of course!). As well as munching on peeled raw pieces, Charley told me that her father also made persimmon jam, I’d never thought about it, but […]

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cinamon baked

Cinnamon Baked Apples

A few weeks ago, Sriyan came in and he’d like to come back and join the market again. I immediately thought of his Sri Lankan cinnamon and remembering its fantastic taste. So, not being a dessert and sweet-liking person I came up with this very simple recipe to have after dinner. As usual change things […]

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roasted chicken

Roasted chicken with chickpeas, kumara & vege salad

As with many recipes these last few months, I started by making this dish more complicated but I quickly ended up with this – quick and easy using ingredients brought home from the market. Every weekend I buy what looks tempting and then come up with something. The chicken came from Karapiro meats, the vegetables and […]

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feijoa chutney

Feijoa Chutney

As the Feijoa season will be over soon, I decided we had to make a chutney. I wish we’d made it earlier to have with the cold lamb left over from last week’s recipe! Again quantities don’t need to be precise. Ingredients About 1.5 Kg feijoas, peeled and chopped. 500-600g apples cored and chopped (not peeled). […]

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Guava, Feijoa, Apple Jelly

A few times over the years I’ve made jams, jellys, sauces and chutneys. This year for some unknown reason, in the last few weeks, Mike and I decided to make jellys and chutneys using seasonal fruits, some from picked from our own trees and others from Arek at Garden for the people.I’ve checked with him and […]

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Easter slow roasted lamb and Gratin

A couple of weeks ago, I started thinking about Easter and that I could cook (or Mike cook I should stay!) So, knowing that lamb is regarded as an essential to have in France at Easter, I asked Charley for some easy suggestions from her Parisian father. Four possibilities came back. I decided that a gratin […]

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Tamarillo Chutney

A good tamarillo chutney is hard to beat. By the end of March I’m desperate for the season to start, as we’ve always run out of the jars from the previous year. This is my mother’s very old recipe, and it always works.If you’re like me, you’ll find yourself eating it straight from the jar. This may […]

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