Pork and Veal

Ribs, Rugby & Red Wine

Last weekend we were lucky enough to have Emma and Jeremy visiting from PNG. On Saturday I bought lamb ribs from Karapiro Meats as Jeremy, in particular, loves ribs and is a huge rugby fan. So, Emma decided we should have a meal together and watch the rugby at the same time. So, we called […]

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Roast Pork Belly with Apple Cider Sauce

I’ve been conscious that in the last little while my recipes have been lamb, chicken or seafood. So thinking it’s time for a change I decided on roasted pork belly this week. Following is the recipe which Emma and I teamed up with lentils in the French way. The small amount of pork left over was delicious the […]

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Pan fried Pork with Cider, Mustard & Apple Sauce

Last night I was halfway through making this and thought it wasn’t going to work and that I’d be telling you this morning that there’d be no recipe this week. However it all came together in the end and tasted really good. It’s the sort of sauce that you can make to go with pan […]

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Pork Belly with Sherry Vinegar & Quince Paste Glaze

At the end of the last long hot weekend at work I wanted something easy and delicious for dinner that didn’t need much thought. I grabbed two pieces of pork belly from our freezer of ready meals at La Cigale. Lou comes up with all sorts of things to go into the freezer ready to […]

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Marinated Pork Belly Tacos

Pork belly is easy to cook and can be used in a large variety of ways. Here I’ve marinated the pork belly, roasted it and then pulled it and made tacos but it other times I’ve served it roasted and about 45 minutes before its ready, I add small potatoes to the roasting pan. I […]

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BBQ Pork

It may sound odd to be doing a recipe for BBQ pork in the middle of winter but this is Chinese style BBQ pork cooked in the oven. Way back in my mid 20s a friend and I went to Chinese cooking classes every Friday night. We learnt to cook a big selection of Chinese […]

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Roasted Pork Belly with Radicchio, Watercress & Hazelnuts

  The inspiration for this recipe came from ‘Polpo’ a recipe book by Russell Norman. Pork belly is very easy to cook and it’s always delicious. The bitterness of the radicchio and the pepperiness of the watercress work as counters to the richness of the pork.   Ingredients 1 piece of pork belly – allow […]

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Turkey and Chicken Liver Terrine

I used to make terrines regularly but somehow making one went off my radar until just before Christmas. Now I’m back on them. A terrine is so easy, particularly the following recipe. I made this with pork mince, turkey mince, speck and chicken livers but you could use any mix minced and cubed cured meats […]

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Pork with Port, Plum & Apricot Sauce

This is an easy recipe which can be cooked in the oven or on the BBQ. Ideally marinate the pork overnight. I used to make this dish regularly years ago and recently Emma reminded me to make it again.   Ingredients 1 piece of pork – loin or scotch fillet allowing about 250g per person […]

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Slow Cooked Pork with Fennel & Onions

  On my day off on Monday I had intended to cook the piece of pork loin I’d bought from our stallholder, Pleased to Meat You, outside on the BBQ. As you know the weather was horrible so I ended up cooking the pork very slowly in the oven. This isn’t an elegant looking dish […]

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