Ingredients & Method – 4 boned skinned chicken thighs – 2-3 cloves of garlic, peeled & crushed or thinly sliced. – Good pinch of turkish chilli flakes – 1-2 tsp Za’atar – Fresh springs of thyme – Several fresh sage leaves (optional) – Bunch of fresh parsley, finely chopped – Good spash of white wine […]

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Morrocan Chicken With Lemon & Onion

  For the last few months Tahsin of Turkish Bazaar has been giving me (when I ask) for some of his chilli flakes from Turkey. He usually puts them in the spinach Glozleme which is a “must”for me every Saturday or Sunday for breakfast. I can’t cope with really spicy hot chilli but his flakes are perfect. The […]

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Aromatic Chicken Pieces with Agria Potatoes

Emma’s been visiting us for the last week so Mike and I have been lucky to have her home cooking. As I’ve been doing, she kept it easy and used up a few of the products I’d bought last weekend at the market. She based this on one I’d come up with years ago and definitely […]

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Roasted Chicken & Veges

It is not a quick and easy recipe this week but more a slower and simple one. I know roasted chicken sounds like something we all do regularly but after buying a whole free-range chicken from Karapiro Meats both last weekend and the previous one, I decided I should try cooking it a bit differently and I wanted […]

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Stir-Fry Chicken, Vegetables & Cashews — enough for 3-4 —

A few days ago I was wondering what to do for the recipe this week. So, after a suggestion from Mike, I looked through some old recipes I cooked years ago. That triggered my thoughts back to old Chinese inspired things I made about 25-30 years ago. So, this week, as Emma is here, I […]

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Roasted chicken with chickpeas, kumara & vege salad

As with many recipes these last few months, I started by making this dish more complicated but I quickly ended up with this – quick and easy using ingredients brought home from the market. Every weekend I buy what looks tempting and then come up with something. The chicken came from Karapiro meats, the vegetables and […]

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Roast chicken with spinach, mushroom and Manchego stuffing

Every Saturday and Sunday, as I’ve always done, I buy a large selection of products from stallholders for Mike and I to eat during the week. I don’t often have a particular plan but buy what catches my eye and each week is different. The difference now is that when I get home, I need to […]

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Chicken Braised in Cider with Apples

Looking at what I had in the fridge and cupboards I decided to try out chicken and apples together thinking in seemed a very odd thing to do but that’s all I had available . Also we needed a way of using up the dry cider we had that I can no longer drink but […]

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Chicken, Lemongrass and Chilli

Yet another easy recipe that doesn’t take too long. Emma, who now lives in Papua New Guinea, suggested it to me the other day as it’s one that she makes frequently. It has a slight Asian feel and can have quite a hot spicy taste to it. We made it because I’d bought free-range chicken […]

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Chicken and Pesto

Every weekend I buy 2 little containers of fresh basil pesto from Cesare. We often just treat it as a dip, tossed through pasta or on crackers with a pre-drink drink. I’ve discovered it’s also great thickly spread over chicken Maryland pieces and baked in the oven. So good! You’ll see in the photo that […]

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