Light Chicken and Apricot Curry

  In the last week or two it seems that many of the food articles I’ve read, whether online or in magazines, included recipes for all sorts of curries from several parts of Asia. On top of that Emma raved about a chicken and apricot curry from Rick Stein’s ‘India’ that she’d made last week. […]

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Saffron & Almond Chicken

This week’s recipe is a Spanish inspired chicken dish with subtle layers of flavour. It’s easy to prepare and as with most of my recipes you don’t have to be exact with ingredient quantities. The ground almonds add texture and help thicken the sauce. It’s not a pretty looking dish though and unfortunately my photo […]

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Brined Roast Chicken

The free range rotisserie chickens we serve in our bistro on Wednesday and Thursday nights are brined for 48 hours before we cook them. Brining adds moisture and flavour. The last two times that I’ve roasted a chicken at home I’ve brined them for 24 hours before cooking. It’s easy and definitely makes a difference […]

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Chicken and Prawn Meatball Hotpot

When I started thinking about what this week’s recipe would be I had in mind a soup, something really comforting like chicken broth with the addition of chicken meatballs and vegetables – carrots, leeks, celery, spinach and more. Then on Sunday night we watched documentary about sake making in Japan. That made us want to […]

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Roasted Chicken with Fresh Figs

The fresh fig season will be over soon so we’re eating figs as often as possible. Here I serve them as a salad with garlicy roasted chicken pieces. This is very easy – cook it for Mother’s Day – preparation only takes a few minutes.   Ingredients (for 4) For the Chicken 4 chicken Marylands […]

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Chicken, Vegetable and Rice Salad with Japanese style dressing

On recent hot nights we’ve felt like eating something lighter and fresh tasting for dinner with plenty of vegetables. On Monday night this week we were up North – it was very hot and humid all day. I’d bought a rotisserie chicken home from the market on Sunday as well as two baskets full of […]

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Batter for Fried Chicken & Fried Fish

A bit before Christmas I bought a new recipe book, Tokyo Cult Recipes by Maori Murota. Emma spied my copy and I thought she might disappear back to Australia with it so bought her a copy too. A few times since then we’ve compared notes about what we’ve tried out of there.                         One recipe […]

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Middle Eastern Eight Spice Chicken with Farro and Pomegranate Salad

Because pomegranates are available for a relatively short season we eat them every day. They’re perfect for adding to summer salads, desserts, as a garnish, in sauces and more. I used them in all parts of this week’s recipe. I used a whole butterflied chicken but chicken pieces would be just as good. This is […]

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Chicken Paupiette with cranberry sauce

I was thumbing through various cooking books the other day and came across a recipe in Bruno Loubert’s ‘Mangetout’ that I thought might be worth a try as a different take on roast turkey for Christmas. I changed a few things around and this is the result. The original recipe used a 1kg turkey breast […]

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Chicken & Asparagus

  I love asparagus and, while the relatively short season lasts, we eat it nearly every day. I try and use it in lots of different dishes. A couple of days ago I decided to combine it with in one dish with chicken and bacon – all work really well together and it’s easy!! You’ll […]

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