Full Recipe

Asparagus Gratin

The first of the new season’s asparagus is here. We never seem to get tired of eating asparagus so for the next few weeks we’ll probably have some nearly every day. It’s hard to go passed very simple ways of eating it but sometimes, as a meal in itself, try something a bit more substantial.

Ingredients and Method

Make a well seasoned cheesy b├ęchamel sauce using a good quality cheese such as an unpasteurized Swiss gruyere or Emmental. The sauce should be thicker rather than thinner.

Snap the ends off each asparagus spear and cook in your usual way – boil or stem – it just tender.

Drain and pat the asparagus dry and half of the spears in a buttered gratin dish.

Cover with the asparagus with most of the sauce.

Lay the rest of the spears on top with the tips facing the opposite way to the ones on the bottom.

Spread over the rest of the sauce, cover with freshly made coarse breadcrumbs and some grated cheese or dot with butter.

Cook in a moderate oven till the top is golden.

As a variation you could also put quartered hard boiled eggs on top of the first layer of asparagus.

Serve for lunch with plenty of crusty bread.