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Pasta with Prawns, Chorizo & Vegetables

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A few days ago before heading home from work for dinner, trying to think of something different to do with the prawns I had in the fridge at home, I asked our chef Lou for suggestions. He immediately said what about combining them with    pasta. In our kitchen at La Cigale Lou keeps 2-3 bags of Trofie pasta. Off I went home with a bag. This recipe is the result. We’d never had this type of short, slightly rolled looking pasta before but it’s so good – not glucky and great for absorbing flavours. Use any type of pasta and change the vegetables according to the season. It’s another recipe where you don’t have to be exact about quantities.


6-8 prawns per person (depends on the size)
Slices of chorizo
1 onion finely chopped
4-6 cloves of garlic, finely sliced or crushed
Handful of frozen or fresh peas
1-2 cobs of corn, kernels removed or 1 small tin of whole kernel corn, drained
Cherry tomatoes – yellow and red if you can
White wine
Finely chopped coriander
Salt and pepper


Cook the pasta according to directions on the packet. While that is cooking cook the prawns and vegetables.     In a large heavy frying pan, heat some olive oil.  Add the onion and cook gently till nearly soft. Add the chorizo and garlic and cook for another minute. Turn up the heat and add the prawns and cook very quickly. Pour in a glass or two of white wine and let it sizzle. Add the peas and corn and after about a minute the cherry tomatoes.    Drain the pasta and mix it in the pan together with the coriander. Season.   Serve at once.

Note – other possible vegetables to use are red and yellow peppers, florets of blanched broccoli, snow peas, thin green beans.