Full Recipe

Persimmon & Orange Jam


Not so long ago, at the start of the persimmon season, Charley and I were talking about how we both love eating them because of their crunch, crispness and flavour (of course!). As well as munching on peeled raw pieces, Charley told me that her father also made persimmon jam, I’d never thought about it, but now I’m finding making jam, jelly and chutney are all a relaxing part of my rehabilitation (strange! you probably think). So I decided to have a go at making a persimmon jam. Following is my recipe.

Mike and I have already had so much on slices of toast, brioche and plain croissants that I’m definitely making more next week. And I’ve saved a jar for mum for Mother’s Day on Sunday. Treat yourself and your mother by making this!

4 hard persimmons, peeled, seeds removed (if any in it), cut into small chunks.
5 small oranges (or 3 large), peeled pith removed and segmented (the French way) save any juice coming out.
1 small lemon, zest and 2 tbsps juice.
1-2 vanilla pods, halved.
200g jam sugar (use more if you like a lot of sweetness).

1. In a cooking pot mix together all the ingredients.
2. On the stove, bring the pot of persimmons etc to a gentle boil. Cook for up to 35 minutes. Or boil it hard and it’ll take less time.
3. About 5 minutes before you think it’s ready, mash all the ingredients together removing the vanilla pods first. A potato masher is fine to use to do this.
4. To test if it’s done put about a teaspoon full on a small flat plate or saucer and run a finger down the middle, if it’s ready to set, the gap won’t close up.
5. When ready leave the jam to cool in the pot for 5-10 minutes. Then spoon it into sterilised jars.

As well as being great in the morning on toast etc, Mike served me a spoonful on a little plain yoghurt for my dessert. Yum!