Full Recipe

Pizza – Quick & Easy


Every weekend when shopping at the market, I have it in my head to buy flatbreads from Tahsin of Turkish Bazaar knowing that I’ll need them for quick & easy pizzas (Sunday or Monday night’s dinner).

And as well, last weekend, amongst everything I bought, were the following products which I ended up deciding to use on my pizzas.

– Small red onions, lots of different types of mushrooms, fresh eggs, fresh basil and thyme – from Arek & Garden For The People
– Freshly made Italian tomato pasta sauce – from Cesare
– Sicilian tomato sauce in a jar  – from Dario
– Olives – from Tahsin Turkish Bazaar
– Chorizo – from Salash
– Fresh bocconcini – from Massimo
– Extra virgin olive oil –  from Barry, River Estate (now I hope I bought enough until his fresh oil is ready in a month)

While making sure the oven was getting to 200°C, Mike and I put the flatbread bases on an oven tray and then we covered each with 1/2 a tub of Cesare’s sauce. (Dario’s Sicilian sauce is a great alternative I’ve discovered)

Next, I sprinkled some fresh thyme leaves, thinly sliced pieces of the chorizo and red onion. Then I put lots of slices of the mushrooms (I wasn’t fussy about which ones)

We left a gap in the middle of the mushrooms into which we broke a fresh egg. and dotted around a few olives before topping it all with sliced bocconcini. We put the tray into the hot oven for 10-15 minutes and they were ready!

Mike wanted a green salad in a separate bowl so I grabbed a few leaves from those I’d bought. Finally I remembered to tear up a few basil leaves and scatter the pieces over each pizza. Then, right at the end after I’d put the pizzas in each plate, I drizzled each with a little olive oil.

As usual we thoroughly enjoyed them!