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Roast Beetroot and Saffron Honey Tartine

tartine beetroot

For lunches on our days off I usually make some sort of salad or a tartine otherwise called an open sandwich or perhaps bruschetta. And sometimes at work in the weekend I make a breakfast version for Mike and myself after gathering a few ingredients from stallholders. What’s essential is that the bread is great quality. If the bread is very fresh I don’t toast or grill it but that’s a personal preference. Most of the time I use our French buckwheat loaf, sourdough or ciabatta. Of course it goes without saying that the toppings also must be excellent quality.

Wrap beetroot in foil and roast in a moderate oven till a knife tip goes in easily (probably about 60 minutes). Cool, peel and cut into small cubes. Next make the saffron honey. Heat pan and dry roast a good pinch of saffron threads until you smell their aroma (about 30 seconds). Remove from the heat and on a board crush the saffron into tiny pieces. Place in a ramekin or small bowl. While the pan is still hot add a couple of big tablespoons of honey. It’ll sizzle and melt. Immediately remove from the heat and pour onto the crushed saffron. Leave it to cool and infuse.

Spread grilled bread thickly with labneh, plain Greek yoghurt or ricotta. Add the beetroot cubes, sprinkle with chopped roasted nuts – hazelnuts, walnuts or pistachios are good. Add small mint leaves and drizzle with saffron honey.