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Roast Cherry Tomatoes, Feta and Basil Tartine

tartine tomato

For lunches on our days off I usually make some sort of salad or a tartine otherwise called an open sandwich or perhaps bruschetta. And sometimes at work in the weekend I make a breakfast version for Mike and myself after gathering a few ingredients from stallholders. What’s essential is that the bread is great quality. If the bread is very fresh I don’t toast or grill it but that’s a personal preference. Most of the time I use our French buckwheat loaf, sourdough or ciabatta. Of course it goes without saying that the toppings also must be excellent quality.

Place cherry tomatoes on an oven tray, drizzle with olive oil, a little balsamic vinegar, sprinkle with Herbes de Provence and season. Roast in a medium oven for about 10-15 minutes. While those are cooking, place some feta or soft goats cheese in a bowl. Add the juice of half a lemon. Mash the feta with a fork. Add freshly ground pepper and more lemon juice if the feta seems too stiff. It needs to be easily spreadable.

I sometimes make my own basil pesto but usually buy a small pot from Cesare (Italian pasta stall). Spread the feta on grilled bread, top with the tomatoes and drizzle over the pesto.