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Roasted Chicken & Veges

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It is not a quick and easy recipe this week but more a slower and simple one. I know roasted chicken sounds like something we all do regularly but after buying a whole free-range chicken from Karapiro Meats both last weekend and the previous one, I decided I should try cooking it a bit differently and I wanted to use one large oven dish for the whole dinner so Mike wouldn’t have lots of dishes to clean after dinner.

So being chicken it wasn’t quick but this recipe is definitely simple. Last week I made it and last night because I was too tired, Mike and Frances made it easily. Of course, as always, I had plenty of fresh vegetables. Last week I added baby carrots from Arek and brussel sprouts from Stephen and Jan and last night Mike added brussel sprouts again and green beans from Stephen and Jan. Next week who knows what we’ll add but the following recipe is now a definite every week. I’ll have to let Karapiro know so I don’t miss out!

Ingredients & Method

1. 1 whole chicken or as many or as few chicken pieces as you like. Using a large sharp knife, cut through the chicken’s backbone and flatten the chicken with your hands so the breast and legs are all facing upwards.

2. Heat your oven to 180-200C.

3. In a generous oven dish, mix together the following:

– 1 tbsp oil (your favourite type)
– Juice and zest of 3 limes or 1-2 lemons
– Good knob of fresh ginger, peeled and finely grated
– 3 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed
– ½-1 cup chicken stock
– 1-1 ½ tbsps Japanese miso paste
– 3 tbsps each of Japanese soy sauce and mirin
– Freshly ground black pepper
– 1 tbsp Turkish chilli flakes – optional
(I get these from Tahsin and they’re not really spicy but are full flavour)

4. Mix these ingredients well and then add the chicken making sure you coat both sides with the mixture.

5. Place the chicken in the oven and cook for about 20 minutes then take it out, spoon some of the mixture over the top of it and add 1 or 2 fresh vegetables depending on what you feel like or what you have in your fridge. Also add a bit more stock is you want lots of juices. Place back in the oven. If the chicken skin starts to look too cooked for your liking, cover it loosely with a small piece of foil or baking paper.

6. Cook for about another 20-30 minutes. Once the chicken is cooked take it out and let it settle for about 5-10 minutes on a big board or carving dish and put the vegetables back in the oven to finish cooking or to keep them warm.

Serve the chicken surrounded by the vegetables and spoon pan juices over everything. So, not quick, but definitely easy and very light on dishes!