Full Recipe

Spinach & Sorrel Tortilla

I love having plenty of different herbs growing in our garden. We only have small spaces for planting but I’ve managed to grow most things successfully in pots. Last year I planted sorrel for the first time and didn’t realize that it’s a perennial. This summer’s crop is great. It has a lemony taste and teams really well with fish but I discovered that it’s good mixed with spinach too.

This tortilla is great served at room temperature for lunch or a light dinner. The basis is a traditional Spanish tortilla which is made from potatoes and onions. This week’s product of the week, the Progressive Smart Slice, makes the job very easy.

Ingredients and Method

This is a large tortilla made in my 30cms sauté pan. It’s enough for 6-8. Adjust the quantities to suit. As usual you don’t need to be precise.

Peel 6 medium/large potatoes and 5-6 medium onions. Slice all on the Smart Slice mandolin on the finest setting. Dry the potato slices with paper towels.

Heat some extra virgin olive oil in your pan and add all the sliced potatoes. Turn the heat lowish and cover. The potatoes need to cook slowly so that they aren’t too brown and crisp. Gently turn them occasionally trying not to break up the slices. When they’re half cooked (after about 8-10 mins), add the sliced onions. Cook for another 5 mins.

While the potatoes and onions are cooking wash and dry a bunch of spinach and a bunch of sorrel. If you don’t have the sorrel add more spinach or another fast cooking green vegetable.

Roughly chop up the spinach and sorrel and add to the pan. When they’re wilted, add 10 beaten eggs which have been well seasoned.

Continue to cook on a low heat till the eggs are set. As the eggs set make sure that the tortilla isn’t sticking to the sides of the pan by using the back of a wooden spoon to ease it away from the edges. If the top is a bit runny put the pan under a hot grill for a minute.

Cut into wedges to serve and drizzle with a little olive oil. I like it served at room temperature to allow the subtle flavours will come through. Serve with a sliced tomato and basil salad.