Full Recipe

Spring Vegetable Salad

Isn’t it really good to finally feel that the weather is slowly warming and to have a variety of new season’s veges to eat?

This is a salad where you can add as many or as few Spring vegetables as you like. Rather than cooking or blanching the vegetables all separately, you make this all in a large pan with the fastest cooking going on top at the last minute. It’s good with any grilled meats, chicken or fish.

Ingredients and Method

Scrub and then dice a large potato – a purple Maori potato is good to use for flavour colour.

Heat some good quality olive oil and a pan and lightly brown the potato cubes. Add a chopped small red onion and a chopped fennel bulb. Let these soften a little and then add a little chicken stock to the pan (enough to cover the bottom of the pan but not totally covering the vegetables). Cover the pan and gently cook till the potato is nearly done. Season with salt and pepper.

If necessary add a little more stock from time to time to keep things moist.

Next add a selection of green vegetables – asparagus (cut each stalk in half), a good handful of broad beans and frozen peas.

These will steam on top of the other vegetables. You want them to stay bright green so don’t cook them too long.

Finally top with whole snow peas which will only take about 30 seconds.

Remove from the heat and put everything into a bowl or on a serving platter. Gently mix in a viniagrette made from olive oil, Champagne wine vinegar or white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper and 1-2 cloves of crushed garlic.

Also mix in microgreen snowpea tops and top with toasted sliced almonds.

Optional extras are shaved parmesan, chopped spring onions or crumbled goats’ cheese.